• Nearly all species of live stakes have dropped in price, call us today for a quote on your next project!

    Scouler's willow from $0.32/ft to only $0.25/ft

    Pacific willow from $0.34/ft to $0.28/ft

    Geyer willow only $0.38/ft

    Sitka, Hooker's & mixed willow only $0.25/ft

    Cottonwood & R.O. Dogwood from $0.32/ft to only $0.28/ft

    2g Western Hemlock still on sale - Only $5.50 each!!

Avalanche lilyNURSERY - Species descriptions, plant lists, current availability, prices, and ordering information

Slope plantingINSTALLATION - Landscape contracting services, slope stabilization examples, and project photos

Wetland monitoringCONSULTING - Planning, design and permitting for wetlands, streams, and sensitive habitats

Korea workshopEDUCATION - Workshops and lectures for homeowners and continuing education for professionals

Pocket parkLANDSCAPING - Find ideas for using native plants instead of cultivars in your landscape, with side-by-side examples

Tsuga heterophyllaPLANT-OF-THE-MONTH - Profiles the characteristics of a different native plant each month, both common and rare