• Here at Sound Native Plants, we believe in reducing our impact wherever we can. One addition we have made is a demonstration rain garden near our potting station. This garden (pictured to the left) captures all the water runoff produced after watering in thousands of freshly potted plants every year. This garden then captures that water and helps to filter it safely back into the ground. Besides being functional, rain gardens can be a great addition to landscaping and quite beautiful. Check out our information sheet on rain garden designs for more on building your own.


Avalanche lilyNURSERY - Species descriptions, plant lists, current availability, prices, and ordering information

Slope plantingINSTALLATION - Landscape contracting services, slope stabilization examples, and project photos

Wetland monitoringCONSULTING - Planning, design and permitting for wetlands, streams, and sensitive habitats

Korea workshopEDUCATION - Workshops and lectures for homeowners and continuing education for professionals

Pocket parkLANDSCAPING - Find ideas for using native plants instead of cultivars in your landscape, with side-by-side examples

Lonicera involucrataPLANT-OF-THE-MONTH - Profiles the characteristics of a different native plant each month, both common and rare