• Botanical drawings are a great way to get up close and personal with new plants. Taking the time to draw a plant that you are not familiar with forces you to examine the morphology closer than you might have otherwise. Botanical drawings have been an important part of history, helping to identify plants long before photography or even botanical nomenclature were invented. The first drawings can be found as far back as 512 A.D. and are more than just useful, they are often a thing of beauty. The drawing pictured to the left was created by Jasmine Doughty, one of our work-study employees, to accompany the Plant of the Month which she has also authored. 

Avalanche lilyNURSERY - Species descriptions, plant lists, current availability, prices, and ordering information

Slope plantingINSTALLATION - Landscape contracting services, slope stabilization examples, and project photos

Wetland monitoringCONSULTING - Planning, design and permitting for wetlands, streams, and sensitive habitats

Korea workshopEDUCATION - Workshops and lectures for homeowners and continuing education for professionals

Pocket parkLANDSCAPING - Find ideas for using native plants instead of cultivars in your landscape, with side-by-side examples

Ribes lacustre sproutPLANT-OF-THE-MONTH - Profiles the characteristics of a different native plant each month, both common and rare